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We’ve got a few NEW changes to tell you about for the 2023 season. 
Some new courses to play, a new online booking app, along with a few new policies. 
Check them out below by clicking on the desired info bar.  
2023 VIP Member Rates

2023 rates have already been set at many of our facilities, however, we can only set our rate, after a golf course finalizes their pricing. Courses that are yet to set their rates will display our 2022 pricing until such time, as we are able to update them appropriately.

NEW Online Booking Program

Click the button below and take a look at our new booking system and manual. For our previous members, the process will remain familiar with more features and options for you to remove individual players, and make modifications to your existing bookings.

VIP Membership Upgrades

Do not forget about our membership upgrades which include Golf Canada access for 20% off the public rate. Click the button below to explore our upgrades such as Golf Canada, Prepaid Green Fee Credits and our Plus+ Membership access.


This is a big one, a lot of members have been asking to have this course on our playlist for years!  We knew it was going to be busy so we ramped up our inventory right from the get-go!  Our regular weekend rate is a mind-blowing 55% off their regular rate!  With weekend access at 48% off, this is going to be a favorite for many members.


It’s BACKKKK!  Formerly known as Silverwing, Wingfield Golf Club blasts back into the runway with 27 holes in a great location!  Easy access to this course is sure to make it a convenient stop for all, plus with 27 holes, their tee sheet will provide some much-needed tee time access.  Play for as little as $25 bucks!  Oops, looks like we’ve gone and done again!

For our returning and loyal members, we have some changes to our online booking system that you are going to love.


With the new system, you are now able to go into your bookings and swap players in and out based on your friend’s list.  As always, only the booking member will have the ability to go in and swap players in and out.  Players that have been booked in by another will only have the ability to cancel themselves out of a reservation if needed.


Although we offer a great deal to Golf Canada and we have our free handicap tracker in offcourse.co, you will now have the ability to have a quick look at past scores.  You can enter your scores into the app and it will display them on your past bookings tab, the app will also compile all your scores to create your basic average tally.  Just an easy quick way to check out your progression and past performances without getting too serious about it.


This new app will log all your playing and canceling history, something that was lacking in the past.  Forget looking through your emails, log in to see all your upcoming games right on your home screen, complete with tee time and rate.  Again, just an easier way to keep yourself organized and on time for those big games.

Moving into this season we are transitioning into pre-authorizing your payment method for any upcoming golf.

Booking made within 5 days of play will be automatically pre-authorized on your payment method.  These are simple pre-auths and you will not actually get billed until you tee it up, on the day of play.

Any bookings that are unable to move through the pre-authorization period will be unable to complete a booking until the payment method has been cleared.

If a booking is canceled, the pre-authorization is automatically canceled as well.

Please familiarize yourself with our cancelation policy.  We follow it to the letter.

The 2023 season has seen several golf courses shuffle to a 48-hour cancelation policy.  For these venues, our policy will mirror theirs, each individual confirmation you receive will have these details.  Please make sure to read the policy in the confirmation emails you receive, as it may differ from the standard policy we use for courses with a 24-hour cancelation policy.

To view our regular cancelation policies please CLICK HERE.