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Golf Canada Membership

$39.95+ GST

Internationally Recognized

Official RCGA Handicap Factor
Score Centre Game
Score Tracking Account
Exclusive Offers on Events & Merch
Equipment ID Labels
FREE Rules Level 1 & 50% off Rules Level 2
Participate in Nationals & Provincials

Golf Canada Membership

VIP Golf has Partnered with Golf Canada. Save 20% off their Membership and get up to $6k in Incident Protection!

Load up you account

Prepaid Green Fee Credit

Load up your VIP Golf Green Fee account with pre-paid credits. These credits are automatically applied to your green fees until used up.

Many of our members load a monthly payment into their accounts over the winter off season. When the grass turns green and the putts are rolling they have a healthy balance on account which green fees are deducted from.

Prepaid Green Fee Credit

Prepaid Green Fee Credit Options:

+$100 Green Fee Credit
+$250 Green Fee Credit
+$500 Green Fee Credit
+$750 Green Fee Credit
+$999 Green Fee Credit

Prepaid Green Fee Credit does not expire. Prepaid Green Fee Credit is not charged additional taxes when used

LMC to Full Upgrade

$199.95+ GST

limited time offer

Up to 65% Off Green Fees
Full Advanced Booking Access
Play Accepted 7 Days a Week
No Limit on Rounds or Play
Full Access to 2021 Events & Specials
Guaranteed 2022 Renewal Rate (lowest rate)

Last Minute Club to Full Membership

Upgrade from the Last Minute Club to receive full access for the remaining 2021 season.

Entertain Guests & Clients

+Plus Guest Access

+Plus Memberships are a great way to expand your VIP Golf Savings with others.

Use your +Plus Membership to entertain friends, family or clients. Plus memberships are fully transferable, meaning you don’t have to bring the same guest every time you play. Use the flexibility this upgrade offers to treat your family members, save your buds some hard earned dough or take out those clients you’ve been meaning to close that deal with,

+Plus Guest Access


+Plus1 Guest: $399.95, +Plus3 Guests: $699.95

Allows up to fully 3 transferable Guests
Up to 65% off Green Fees
Play accepted 7 days a week with no Limits
Public tee time access & No booking fee
Full access to all regions, private facilities & Daily Specials
Full access to M|G Events*
FREE in-app GPS ranger finder, handicap Calculator & game tracker

Dues+Credit Package

Net your dues down to $299.95!
These EXTREMELY popular packages are a great way to start your golf season with instant savings and a huge credit on your account.

$1499.95+ GST

Dues+Credit Package Includes:

2021 Full Unrestricted Membership Dues
$1200.00 Prepaid Credit
Sold on first come, first served basis
Limited to the first 250 Members
Package sells out fast

Credit does not expire. Unused credit can be used for any VIP Golf purchases until used up.

When your credit is used up, your green fees will be billed to the credit card on your account.

Yes, you may purchase it as an upgrade to your 2021 Membership. (while supplies last)

*$1200 was the Average Annual Spend of our 2020 Members

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