How it Works

The Vault

VIP Golf owns thousands of green fees at diverse courses across AB and BC. We call this collection of green fees… THE VAULT

When you become a VIP Golf Member, we essentially give you the combination to our vault of green fees and allow you to make as many withdraws as you like. Each withdraw costs you a fee. These fees averages 40 – 60 percent off what the golf course would normally charge for their green fee.

There’s no limit on where or how many times you play at any facility and the best part is, the more you play the more money you end up saving. We only give the combination out to a select amount of members each year, ensuring all of our valued clients have the best access and we can accommodate every member, every day!

Exclusive VIP Golf Membership Benefits

These are just some of the amazing benefits and perks you will get when you become a member with VIP Golf!

We're the choice for so many avid golfers across Alberta & for good reason!

We're the choice for so many avid golfers across Alberta & for good reason!

Be part of a club on your terms. Significant savings on green fees and much more. Start receiving the benefits and save of up to 65% off rack rates every time you play.

The most obvious benefit of this membership is the saving you will see against the regular price the public pays. Your part of a club now and with that you always receive the VIP Preferred Rate.
You’re not purchasing a coupon book or a discount card which offers you X amount of deals at each course. This is a membership, there’s NO LIMIT. Play where you want, when you want & how often you want.
VIP Golf Member green fees start at a dollar hole! Budget your summer with our preferred rates and plan to play those extra special courses we offer at ridiculous rates!
All green fees payments are processed though your VIP Golf account, at the course you simply flash your ID & away you go. No hassle. No transaction. No problem.
We guarantee to always have room close to your location. We only take a limited number of members per season, this always ensures we have room for every member, every day!
If you don’t break even in savings compared to what you paid to join, renew the following season and contact us for a green fee credit to help make up the difference.
Full access to our Member & Guest Events. These pre-booked event allow you to entertain family, friends or clients all at your VIP Members Preferred Rate.

Booking Procedures

Three easy steps to book using your VIP Golf Membership. Reserve your green fee through VIP Golf, book your tee time directly with the golf course, show up and flash your ID. That’s it!

*Regular public booking procedures will be in place, this may include taking a credit card at time of booking, however, you will not be charged by the course for your reservation. You will be billed through your VIP Golf account.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellations with VIP Golf must be made no later than 5:00 pm one day prior to the booking unless otherwise specified*. For example – To cancel a Thursday reservation you must cancel by 5:00pm Wednesday afternoon**.

*Some courses will have custom cancellation policies which differ from above. These include resorts, private facilities, prebooked tee times and special events held by VIP Golf. All details are posted in email confirmations sent from VIP Golf upon booking.

**Cancellations with VIP Golf are not accepted via voicemail, email or text message, they must be called in or cancelled online.

Cancellations due to weather will be accepted if the golf course is accepting them.

VIP Golf Green Fees are billed as scheduled to the Member’s account if the golf course is not accepting cancellations due to weather.

All weather related cancellations must be made BEFORE YOU TEE OFF.

Once you tee off, the entire round is considered to have been played and the Member’s account will be billed as scheduled.

You will not be billed if the golf course is closed due to weather.  This does not apply to course closure after you tee off.

To avoid any accidental charges, please call, email or text us if the course is closed as we may not be aware of the closure. This does not apply to a course closure after you tee off.

VIP Golf does not issue Rain Checks.

VIP Golf Green Fees are redeemed and considered played with no refund once you tee off.

There will be No Exceptions to VIP Golf’s Rain Check Policy.

Late cancellation fees start at 50% of the Preferred Green Fee in question, unless they are confirmed weather related scenarios.

If you make a tee time with a golf course and fail to show up without prior notification you may be charged for a regular rate green fee from that golf course as well as a preferred rate green fee from VIP Golf. In this case you are holding a ‘slot’ or ‘green fee’ with VIP Golf that could be sold to another member and you would be occupying a tee time at the golf course which may be sold by them, to other patrons.  If you NO SHOW for a tee time you have made as a VIP Golf Member in the golf course’s system, the course may charge us at VIP Golf for the NO SHOW. In this case, VIP Golf will charge the Member’s account in question for the amount of the NO SHOW charge.  This charge will apply for the entire and will be billed to the member who made the booking with the golf course.

VIP Golf Green Fee cancellations are not available for COVID-19 extenuating circumstances. Our Green Fee Cancellation Policy will apply as usual.

Green Fee Payment Options

Once you have been verified by pro shop attendant, that’s it! There is no transaction at the course besides any extras such as balls, gloves etc that you may purchase at the golf course. The payment for the green fee and whats included such as a cart and range will be charged to your VIP Golf account that day or the next.

Accepted Payment
Credit Card
Visa & MasterCard are the most popular method of payment, when a payment is processed, you receive an emailed receipt of the transaction.
Green Fee Credit
You can load as much money as you want to your account in the form of a green fee credit. Your green fee charges are then deducted from your balance every time you play and you can login to your VIP Golf to view this credit anytime. A valid credit card is still required to be on file in case your balance runs out.

Frequently asked questions

These are the most common questions and answers, however don’t hesitate to call or email our team. We will be happy and ready to answer any questions you have about the VIP Golf Membership.

YES! You can play with whomever you like, fellow VIP Golf Members or non-members it doesn’t matter.

YES! In this case you would skip the step of booking a tee time with the golf course. Just book with us at VIP Golf, You can do this yourself online or call our booking center.

The receipt you receive may be for something like a Power Cart and Range or for the rate that VIP Golf is being charged by the golf course for your golf. You are not paying anything at the course. The receipt is irrelevant and in most cases just a form of proof of payment for the starter.

No, only the VIP Golf Member will receive the preferred rate, any non-member will have to pay the regular fare at check in. The VIP Member will just show valid photo identification at check in and will be billed the following day by us at VIP Golf. *Add on or PLUS Memberships are available which allows you to bring guests or clients at the VIP Preferred Rate.

YES, however it is advisable to book with VIP Golf first to ensure there is room at the course. If you book online with us first, you can see what is available and then book your tee time.

YES! Play as much as you like. If you’re playing a second round it must be called into our booking center as you may only book one round per day through our online system.

All Green Fees provided by VIP Golf are valid for 18 holes of play (excluding Crystal Ridge).

YES! We’re essentially paying for your green fee. Booking with us puts your name on the authorized list of VIP golf Members playing the course and day in question. If you do not book with us, your name will be absent from the authorization list and you will be required to pay for your green fee at the course, at regular rate.

No, unless otherwise specified VIP Golf does not adjust rates for Twilight, Early or Late season or special offers by the course. Our rates are set off of the golf courses regular rack rates posted on their websites and will not be adjusted. If the rate is cheaper at the course then give us a call and we will cancel your VIP Golf reservation and you may pay at the course.

No, the golf course does not hold times aside, you are booking the actual tee time directly with the course just like always. What ever is available on the tee sheet is available to you.

At some courses we do and at others we do not. We guarantee to always have room for you close to your location. We take a limited amount of members each year to guarantee we have room for every member every day.

YES! Check to see if the course can get you out. If there’s room, give our booking center a quick call or book online using your phone or tablet. The authorization is sent to the course the instant you book.

You have to take into account everything that you get with the VIP Member Preferred Rate. If our rate includes a power cart and driving range you will have to add that onto the regular rate for the golf course’s green fee. A course with a regular rate of $50.00 may in fact be $75.00. That’s $50.00 green fee + $18.00 power cart + $7.00 for a bucket of range balls. We may offer that for $35.00 for a total savings of $40.00 per round.