+Plus Memberships

Launches November 2023

Plus Memberships are upgrades to your existing Full Membership, they give you the ability to bring along guests (non-members) any time, at your VIP Golf Preferred Members rate.  When booking with VIP Golf you will reserve a green fee for yourself and have the ability to reserve up to 3 more green fees per booking, depending on the level of +Plus access you choose.   All green fees are charged to your account, you will either have to collect from your guests or simply entertain or treat them to the round.

Yes, these +plus memberships are upgrades to your current full membership and must be purchased in addition to your individual 2022 membership.

Unfortunately, they may not.  As all the green fees are booked through your account with VIP Golf, the preferred rates are all billed to your payment method on file. 

You MUST be present and playing with the group of guest/s you are bringing.  Only the guests are transferrable under this membership and you must be the one checking in for you and your guests as it is all under your name and account.

EASY!  When booking online you simply click “ADD GUEST”, as a +plus member you have either the ability to add 1, 2 or 3 guests when booking with us, our booking program will ask for your guest’s name and email address and fire them off the booking confirmation.  This way they are instantly notified of the course, time and day you are playing.

YES!  All +Plus guests are billed at the full VIP Golf Members preferred rate. You’re going to save your friends, family, and clients a lot of cash!

Same as our regular policy, if you book in for a guest/s and they all of a sudden can’t make it, our cancelation policy will follow protocol.  One thing to remember is that it’s all under your name and the guest is transferrable giving you the option to find a last-minute replacement.

Our guest access program this year was very limited and was a promotional tool to introduce you and all members to our +Plus programs.  You could only request access based on one day in advance, only at a limited number of courses, and was implemented towards the end of the 2021 season.  The guest rates offered under this year’s promotional program were a fraction of the full preferred rates our +PLUS Mdemberhsip offers for every single course and tee time.

We can not say if this will be an offer or not in 2022 however we do know that it will not be available if at all until at least the fall season.

If you have other questions or would like additional information on our +Plus Memberships

please contact us @ 1-866-520-4653 or email us at playgolf@vipgolf.ca