2024 Green Fee Cancellation Policy

VIP Golf Green Fee Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be completed by 5:00pm the day before the booking, unless stated otherwise*.
*Cancellation policies may vary and will be explicitly outlined in email confirmations and during the online booking process.
To complete a Cancellation, it's necessary to contact both the golf course and VIP Golf.
Failure to cancel both your Tee Time and VIP Golf Green Fee will result in being billed according to the original schedule.
Cancellations must be processed either via your online profile or by contacting a VIP Golf representative by phone.
Cancellations through voicemail, email, or text message are not permitted with VIP Golf.

Cancellations resulting from inclement weather will be honored only if the respective golf course is currently permitting such cancellations. If the specified golf course is not allowing weather-related cancellations at the requested time, the Member’s account will be billed for the VIP green fee.

Any cancellations after the cancellation deadline due to weather conditions must be made before you Tee-Off and must be requested by contacting a VIP Golf representative by telephone.

Once you Tee-Off, the entire round is considered played, and you will be billed as scheduled.

In the event of a weather-induced closure of the golf course, cancellation requests will be accepted. To prevent unintended charges, please notify us if the course is closed, as we may not be informed of the closure. However, this exemption does not apply if the course is closed after Tee-Off.

VIP Golf does not issue Rain Checks if your round is interrupted by weather of any kind. Once you Tee-Off, the round is considered played, and you will be billed as scheduled. This policy will be strictly enforced without exceptions.

This encompasses any cease of play after Tee-Off, including delays or closures due to weather-related factors such as lightning, snow, wind, hail, sleet, standing water, slow play, bugs, etc. While some golf courses may offer rain checks in such situations, they are not obligated by VIP Golf or any other entity to do so.

This policy is strictly enforced, and it is the Member’s responsibility to be aware of it.

In the event of adverse weather conditions in the vicinity or forecasted, you have the option to cancel before Tee-Off. However, once your round has begun, it is considered played.

Late cancellations are liable to incur a minimum 50% Late Cancellation Fee. The cancellation will be referred to VIP Golf Administration for assessment and may result in a charge for the remaining 50% of the VIP Preferred Green Fee. Cancellations via voicemail, email, or text message are not accepted by VIP Golf; they must be made by phone, online, or following the instructions outlined in your email confirmation.

This policy is strictly enforced. Late Cancellations will result in penalties or full scheduled billings being applied.

Cancellations are not granted for COVID-19 extenuating circumstances. Our standard Green Fee Cancellation Policy will remain in effect.

Canceling a Tee Time directly with the golf course is distinct from canceling a VIP Golf Green Fee.

Canceling your VIP Golf Green Fee does not automatically cancel the Tee Time arranged directly with the course. You are accountable for understanding and adhering to the golf course’s policies.

Any charges incurred from golf courses for unused booked Tee Times fall outside the jurisdiction of VIP Golf. As separate entities, VIP Golf does not possess authority over golf course Tee Times.

If you fail to appear for a Tee Time reserved with a golf course, which includes a VIP Golf Greeen Fee, without prior notification, you may face charges from both the golf course and VIP Golf for the reservation.

In such an instance, you have two separate reservations with two different entities. By not showing up, you are occupying a VIP Golf Green Fee that cannot be allocated to other Members, as well as a Tee Time that could have been utilized by other patrons.

Should you fail to attend a Tee Time reserved as a VIP Golf Member, the golf course reserves the right to charge the credit card provided to secure the booking and/or may charge VIP Golf for the no-show. Consequently, VIP Golf will bill the Member’s account for the incurred No-Show charge.

Your VIP Golf Green Fee will be billed to your account as scheduled regardless of whether someone else pays for your round, as you are still utilizing a Green Fee that could be allocated to other VIP Golf Members.

It’s essential to understand that your Green Fees are processed through your VIP Golf account and cannot be settled directly at the course, either by yourself or by someone else.

If a golf course charges you for your online booking at the time of reservation, you may be eligible for a refund of the VIP Golf Green Fee.

However, this exception does not apply to bookings where a disclaimer needed to be acknowledged in order to proceed with the reservation. In such cases, no refund will be provided.

These disclaimers are typically located within the course booking queues and must be acknowledged on the final step of the online booking process with VIP Golf.

At Mountain Courses and/or Events, a VIP Golf booking may be subject to a customized cancellation policy, differing from the standard policy outlined above.

Reservations governed by custom cancellation policies will be clearly indicated as a disclaimer during the online booking process. Additionally, this tailored policy will be detailed in your booking confirmation from VIP Golf. It is the Member’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with this policy and adhere to it accordingly. Failure to cancel within these specified parameters may result in charges for the booking.

Cancellation requests falling under these custom cancellation policies necessitate contacting VIP Golf Administration, as both the Tee Time and the Green Fee must be cancelled simultaneously by VIP Golf Administration.

Cancellations for Member|Guest Events are accepted up to 14 days prior to the event, unless otherwise specified in your email confirmations. For Mountain Specials, a 72-hour notice is required, unless stated otherwise in your email confirmations.

Late Cancellations will incur charges as per the rate outlined in your confirmation for the number of bookings made, unless VIP Golf successfully fills those cancelled slots.

Once within Cancellation Policy, the hosting course’s raincheck policy and event cancellation policy will come into effect. VIP Golf has no influence over this, and the golf course’s decision will be final. Weather-related cancellations will be determined on the scheduled date of play for the event. Please note that mountain resort courses may deem cold and wet weather acceptable for play.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
-Alfred Wainwright


In the event of a frost delay, the course will typically inform players of their adjusted Tee Times. Cancellations because of a frost delay won’t be accepted unless the delay lasts longer than 90 minutes. A Weather Related Cancellation can only be made if the frost delay surpasses 90 minutes. It’s advisable to consider the potential for frost delays when scheduling your golf round, given the prevailing weather patterns in Canada.