VIP Golf is a membership club designed to save you money!



VIP Golf operates like a regular private golf membership, except we give you a wide variety of golf courses to choose from every single day!  We are not a coupon or a restrictive discount carrier, our membership offers preferred VIP Member rates to all our affiliated golf clubs, 7 days a week.  This one membership gives you the chance to play and experience new challenges everyday and move from course to course at your will.


It’s your choice of where you play, when you play and how often you play at any of the golf courses available through the membership. There is no limit on how many rounds or how many times you may play a specific course and best of all WE GUARANTEE GOLF 7 days a week. This private membership is capped each year to ensure that we always have room for every member, every day.


As a member you will consistently save big off regular green fees with your members VIP preferred rate. It doesn’t take long for your membership to pay for itself, most member’s have it paid off before the summer even starts.  Best of all the more you play, the more you save!  Check out our “Course Listings & Fees” to see the incredible savings and awesome course list you will have to select from as a VIP Golf member.