The Membership Agreement between a Member and VIP Golf is on a yearly basis, based on a calendar year from November 15th to November 14th. All Memberships expire on November 14th regardless of time of purchase. Members are entitled to renew their Membership at a promotional rate to be set by VIP Golf. The Member is responsible for paying annual Membership Dues according to the then-current terms of the VIP Golf program unless and until this agreement is cancelled in accordance with the terms hereof, Members hereby authorize the site or its billing agent, to charge Member’s credit card (or other approved facility) to pay for the ongoing cost of Membership. Membership Dues are billed to all VIP Golf Members in accordance to bookings made by the individual. Membership fees are immediately applied to purchase inventory from partner courses to ensure all Members have sufficient green fees to choose from on a daily basis. Membership fees or Membership Dues are non-refundable unless specified otherwise.

Annual Membership Dues are automatically renewed, and therefore automatically billed to the preferred payment on the Member’s personal account at the end of the original term selected, for a like period of time, unless proper notice is received from the Member prior to renewal. Annual Memberships will automatically be renewed if continually used after the term of the preceding Membership agreement has ended, such as a month to month or a specific time period agreed with VIP Golf. Trial Memberships are automatically renewed to an annual Membership at the then-applicable rate. VIP Golf Memberships will automatically be renewed at the promotional rate set by VIP Golf on November 15th of each year. Four(4) Membership Renewal Notices will be emailed commencing one(1) month prior to processing. It is the Member’s responsibility to provide authentic and up-to-date information on their personal account, including their email address and telephone number. By sending these notices you agree that VIP Golf has given adequate notice of the Membership renewal for the upcoming season along with the option to cancel the renewal without penalty. All VIP Golf Members are on the Membership Renewal Notice mailing list until they have cancelled or specified their renewal. If at any time you wish to cancel your renewal, you may do so at any time prior to the renewal date. Cancellation requests must be submitted through this website. Renewal refunds are available until March 1st of each calendar year provided the Membership has not been used, has not been modified, has not participated in any offers provided by VIP Golf, is not requested due to an act of god, weather related conditions limiting openings or play of golf courses, forced shutdown or Force Majeure. Renewal refunds to credit cards are subject to a 10% processing fee to refund your purchase to your credit card by the payment processing company. Renewal refunds are subject to cancellation penalties if the cancellation request is not submitted in accordance to the terms.

Membership Tiers refers to the type of membership purchased and the benefits included within that tier. Some Membership Tiers are limited to a select number of golf courses set by VIP GOLF administration. All VIP Golf policies will apply to all VIP Golf Members alike, regardless of what tier they reside in. Courses may be added and/or removed from the list of availability at VIP Golf’s discretion at any time. Members who use benefits not included in their Membership tier will automatically be upgraded to the tier that includes the benefits used at the current Membership rate.

The VIP Golf Corporate Membership does not require the corporation to purchase any Membership fees. The Corporate Membership is bulk-purchasing a specified amount of green fees in advance for the season purchased. The prepaid green fees are fully transferable and must be booked through the portal provided to the corporation by VIP Golf. Approval of each booking is required by the corporation via email and will be based on course availability. Corporate Memberships expire On December 31st of the year purchased and any unused inventory or green fees left on corporate accounts will expire with the Membership and do not carry forward into consecutive years.

VIP Golf Members may be eligible for a Membership Roll Over in which Membership Dues are carried over to the following season if a VIP Golf Membership cannot be utilized as a result of physical/mental health or temporary relocation/emigration. An application is available upon request to VIP Golf Administration ( and may require legal documentation from a physician. A $100.00 fee will be due for approved applications submitted before May 31st. A $199.95 fee will be due for approved applications submitted after June 1st. Applications requested after July 1st will be denied. Membership roll over fees are non-refundable. Membership Roll Overs are not available if requested due to unforeseen circumstances such as an act of god, forced shut down, Force Majeure, weather related conditions limiting openings or play of golf courses, if the Membership has been used within the purchased year or is a consecutive Membership Roll Over from the previous season. Roll Overs are not available if a Membership simply goes unused.

All new Membership Fees or Membership Dues that did not participate in the Auto-Renewal are considered a final sale and are non-refundable. Memberships that have been renewed on the November 15th Auto-Renewal date will have until March 1st of the following year to request a refund of dues-paid minus a 10% processing fee. Membership refunds requested after March 1st will be reviewed case-by-case and may be subject to cancellation penalties if the refund request is approved. Membership refunds requested after April 1st will be denied. Memberships will not be retroactively refunded, nor a credit issued if a Membership simply goes unused. Membership refunds are not offered if requested due to an act of god or weather related conditions limiting openings/play of golf courses, forced shutdown or Force Majeure.

VIP Golf offers a Savings Guarantee in which we offer you a credit in the event that you do not at least break even in savings compared to what you paid for the previous season’s Membership Dues. The Membership savings are accumulated on green fees and Membership Dues for the specific year in question. Savings on green fees are calculated by our rate charged compared to the regular rack rate charged by the golf course in question. This applies to all rounds played and will not be adjusted for special price events held by any course such as a twilight round or reduced pricing due to course factors. Savings on Memberships are based on the regular full rate of the Membership for the year in question compared to the price that was paid. In the event that your savings do not at least cover the cost paid for the Membership, you must contact VIP Golf Administration ( to apply for the Savings Guarantee credit. All Savings Guarantee applications must be submitted by May 31st and before you book any green fees through VIP Golf during your most current Membership period. If you are eligible and qualify, VIP Golf will place a golf credit on your account up to a maximum of $100.00 in which will be applied to the most current Membership period’s golf green fees. This credit will be applied to the first round(s) played until used. This Savings Guarantee is only eligible for Members who participate in the “November 15th Auto-Renewal”, if you choose not to participate in this renewal, your account will reset and this offer will not be available if you choose to renew at a later date. +Plus Memberships or Corporate accounts do not qualify for this guarantee as these are interchangeable accounts that allow different individuals to accompany the primary card holder. Any credit accumulated from this guarantee will expire at the end of each season, is only valid for green fees of the consecutive year and may not be used for Membership Dues.

From time to time VIP Golf may offer a numbered day “Free Trial” or “DEMO” of the Membership. “Free Trial” or “DEMO” refers to Membership Dues only. Any individual who partakes in a trial will be required to pay the Preferred Green Fee rates for any golf played using the VIP Golf Membership during this trial period. A credit card must be supplied by the said individual for VIP Golf Member Green Fees to be charged as per regular charging policies. VIP Golf holds the right to discontinue any trial at any time and holds the right to terminate an individual’s trial at any time if VIP Golf administration feels they are not adhering to VIP Golf Member policies. After a trial period is over the individual is not obligated to continue on as a paid Member.