All VIP Golf Members are responsible to know and abide by all golf course “Code of Conduct” and general course etiquette which includes acts such as raking traps after use, replace divots on tees, in fairways and in the rough, repair all ball marks on greens, place waste in containers provided on the course, allow faster groups to play through, keeping all carts on pathways around greens and tees, keeping carts out of naturalized and fescue areas, following proper dress code, the abuse of drugs or alcohol, the abuse of golf course employees. Any VIP Golf Member found to be in violation of a course’s code of conduct may be stripped of their playing privileges based on VIP Golf administration review. VIP Golf reserves the right for any reason whatsoever to terminate the Membership of an individual or group of VIP Golf Members who we deemed have performed acts that are unbecoming of a Member.

VIP Golf reserves the right to charge any Members payment method on file for damage caused to golf course property while said Member was on venue property representing VIP Golf. This damage, whether it be caused by a deliberate, negligent or reckless act of the guest, to the golf courses property will be reported to VIP Golf by the venue in question. VIP Golf will be responsible for payment of any damage caused and will in turn charge said Member for the amount in question that has been billed to VIP Golf Inc. If there is a dispute in a damaged property charge, the Member may take this up with the golf course in question, VIP Golf is simply passing on any direct damage charge from the venue in question to the VIP Golf Member said to be responsible for damage caused.