All Memberships are purchased with the understanding that COVID-19 is an evolving situation and all Members must comply to all AHS requirements.

As a VIP Golf Member, it is up to you to provide authentic and up-to-date information on your personal account. You can update your account any time by logging into your MEMBER DASHBOARD and selecting EDIT MY PROFILE. As notifications, confirmations and specials are sent via email and through app notification, we rely on you to ensure that you can receive these emails and/or be contacted by having the proper information on your account.

The full name on your account must correspond with the valid photo identification card you will be showing the golf courses when redeeming the VIP Golf Preferred Green Fees you have booked. Each member is identified by a unique and personal ID number. This number will be supplied to you upon joining, please memorise this number, it will make identification of your account and other easily recognisable.

All green fees are collected by VIP Golf. Your account will be charged for the preferred rate at the time of play. You will not be required to pay for green fees in the pro shop unless otherwise specified or you have not followed proper booking procedures. Accounts can be settled with Visa, MasterCard or a cash account. Payments by Visa or MasterCard will be charged to your account within 24 hours of play and will show up on your credit card statement as “VIP Golf Banff”. Any charges to your statement which do not show up as “VIP Golf Banff” do not reflect charges to you from VIP Golf but rather purchases that you have made directly with the golf course in question. Payments by “cash accounts” will be deducted from your “cash account” within one(1) day of scheduled play. You may check your balance at any time by logging into your MEMBER DASHBOARD under MY PROFILE. Cash accounts must have at least an equal or greater value then the preferred green fee that will be charged to your account at the time of booking.

Any overdue accounts will be deactivated until the balance is cleared. If for some reason the credit card on file is declined for a transaction, you will receive instant notification via email. Please call us to update or clear your balance so we may reactivate your account. VIP Golf will not know the reason for any declined transaction; this is only relayed information from your carrier. Accounts going into negative balances 3 times or more during the season will require payment in advance for any bookings made. Accounts that remain in arrears for more than 30 days will incur a non-refundable 25% late payment fee of the total amount owed. Accounts that remain in arrears for more than 60 days will be forwarded to a third party collections agency. Balances below the agency’s required amount will incur an additional penalty to meet the agency’s minimum requirements of $50.00 or more.