It is mandatory that you go online or call VIP Golf to book your slot before checking in for a tee time at the golf course. If you fail to perform this step the golf course will not have authorization from us and you will be asked to pay for a regular rate green fee when checking in. Slot reservations with VIP Golf are not accepted via voicemail, email or text message, they must be called in or booked online. It is also advisable to book your slot with VIP Golf before you book your tee time with the golf course as stated in our booking procedures.

Holding a slot with VIP Golf does not guarantee a physical tee time at the golf course. Holding a slot simply gives you the benefit of the Membership at the course in question on the specific day that it has been held. Tee times must be made directly with the golf course. Holding a slot gives you the authority from VIP Golf to use your Membership on the day and course in question, provided you are in compliance with any booking guideline that may be applicable to that specific booking. Once a slot is reserved, you are scheduled to be billed and will be billed if proper cancellation procedures have not been followed. If you receive a complimentary round from the golf course, if your round is being purchased by an outside source, if the course is offering discounted rates due to course factors and/or Early Bird/Twilight Rates, you must contact VIP Golf Admin before you tee off to request a cancellation of your reservation. This cancellation request may be denied by VIP Golf Admin if the slots you have occupied cannot be filled by other Members. Slot reservations with VIP Golf are not accepted via voicemail, email or text message, they must be called in or booked online.

Any Member booking with VIP Golf though our online booking program will be responsible for any bookings for themselves and any other Members they choose to book for. If you make the booking for yourself and/or other VIP Golf Member(s), you will be responsible for this booking in the case of any discrepancy brought forward by any other Member who you have booked for. This includes being responsible for no shows, booking the wrong golf course, booking the wrong date, double bookings, cancellations and holding a slot with VIP Golf. If a discrepancy is brought forward, the Member who has made the booking(s) shall be responsible for the amount of the booking in question and will be charged accordingly. It is the Member’s responsibility to make sure the booking has gone through correctly and is booked for the right course and date, which is displayed at all times on the Members dashboard in the online booking calendar profile.

The preferred green fee that you receive from VIP Golf as a Member are set by VIP Golf Inc. All rates are based on 18 holes of play unless stated otherwise. VIP Golf reserves the right to change these fees or benefits included with them at any time without notice to you by posting any changes on this web site. Preferred Green Fee rates will not be adjusted for various factors such as course conditions or time of play. All Green Fees and Savings are calculated by our rate charged, compared to the regular prime time rack rate posted by the golf course in question. This applies to all rounds played and will not be adjusted for special price events held by any course such as a twilight round or reduced pricing due to course factors. Members preferred rates for reservations made may be billed to Members accounts at any time after the 5pm cancellation deadline one day prior to any booking or reservation held by said Member. Final authority on any discrepancies regarding VIP Golf preferred green fee rates will lie with VIP Golf administration.

VIP Golf offers special promotional rates at specific golf courses for specific times and dates. These promotional rates do not qualify for any weather related cancellations and the charges will stand if the course is open. The following categorised specials will follow this policy and will be billed accordingly: DEDICATED T-TIMES; MEMBER|GUEST EVENTS; MEMBER|GUEST SPECIALS.

Unless otherwise specified any non-member or public playing with a VIP Golf member will be responsible for payment at check in to the golf course at the golf courses rack rate at time of play.

VIP Golf may offer “Guest Rate” options within the membership booking app. These guest green fees will be changed to the members account at the rate set by VIP GOLF. It is the members responsibility to collect from their guests if need be. Guests booked through VIP GOLF may not pay for a green fee at the course as it will be collected by VIP GOLF through said members account payment method.

VIP Golf offers special lock in option for some courses in which we have pre-booked tee times for our clients and guests. This lock in option will allow bookings of tee times ahead of our regular booking window. All locked in tee times will be billed at the rate posted at the time of booking. Cancellations of these locked in tee times are only permitted due to weather circumstances which would justify a cancellation due to inclement weather. The VIP Golf weather cancellation policy will be the determining factor in a weather related cancellation and as stated all cancellations must occur before the group has teed off. In the case of an acceptable weather related cancellation, the Members in question account/s will be credited for the amount billed. This credit amount will be placed on account and will be applied to the next charge/s on the account until used up.

If a holiday falls on a weekday, VIP Golf’s preferred rate will reflect the course in question’s weekend rates. If it is a holiday, weekend/holiday rates will be in effect even though it falls on a weekday.

In the case of a slot which has been booked improperly or falls inside our cancellation period and is deemed by VIP Golf administration to be refunded, the value of the charge will be refunded in the form of a golf credit. The credit value will be placed on the Member in question’s account and will be applied to their next charge(s) or green fees(s) with VIP Golf until used up. Green Fee Credits are non-transferable. A $10.00 administration fee will be deducted from the green if a credit card refund is requested.

Any Green Fee Credit that has been applied to Member accounts may only be used toward purchases of VIP Golf Preferred Green Fees or Membership Dues. The Green Fee Credit will automatically be used toward Preferred Green Fees or Membership Dues until used up. The remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file. Any Prepaid Cash Credit purchased as a special offer or as a prepaid Preferred Payment may only be used towards purchases offered through VIP Golf Inc. Prepaid Cash Credits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Once credit is applied to an account it does not expire and may be used while there is a standing balance. Former Members with a credit balance that do not renew their Membership may continue to use their credit toward green fees at VIP Golf’s partnered courses when booked by VIP Golf Administration. These former Members will be charged the regular rack rate green fee of the course in question at the time of play.