Unless otherwise specified at time of booking or on your confirmation from VIP Golf, Green Fee / Slot cancellations must be made no later than 5:00pm one(1) day prior to the booking. For example: To cancel a Thursday reservation one MUST phone or cancel online with VIP Golf before 5:00pm Wednesday evening. Any cancellation made after 5:00pm the day prior to the booking will be considered a Late Cancellation. Late Cancellations are subject to a minimum 50% Late Cancellation Fee. The cancellation will be forwarded to VIP Golf Administration for review and may be subject to a charge of the remaining 50% of the VIP Preferred Green Fee. Cancellations with VIP Golf are not accepted via voicemail, email or text message, they must be called in, cancelled online or cancelled as instructed in your email confirmation. Cancelling a Slot (or Green Fee) with VIP Golf does not cancel your tee time at the golf course. Both the course and VIP Golf must be contacted to cancel the tee time and slot in question as VIP Golf does not handle the booking or cancellations of any actual tee times. To avoid any inadvertent charges, check your email for the cancellation confirmation email that will automatically be sent to the email address you have provided.

A Green Fee or “Slot” reservation with VIP Golf at select courses or events may have a custom cancellation policy that differs from the default cancellation policy stated above. Reservations with custom cancellation policies will be shown as a disclaimer upon booking a slot with VIP Golf online or through our booking app. This custom policy will also be shown on your booking confirmation from VIP GOLF. It is the members responsibility to know this policy and abide by it accordingly. Cancellation requested inside of these policies may be billed out for the green fee booked.

Tee time cancellations with golf courses is separate from green fee or “slot” cancellations with VIP GOLF. Cancellation your slot with VIP GOLF does not cancels the tee time made directly with the course unless otherwise specified. Tee time cancellations with golf courses will fall under said courses policies which you are responsible to know. Any charges incurred from golf courses for unused booked tee times are not responsibility of VIP GOLF as they are separate entity and VIP GOLF has no authority over golf course tee times.

VIP Golf accepts cancellations for weather conditions based on the golf course in question. Cancellations will be accepted if the golf course is accepting them. If the golf course is not accepting cancellations due to weather at the time requested, the VIP Green fee will be charged to the Member’s account. All and any weather related cancellations must be requested BEFORE YOU TEE OFF. Once you have teed off your first hole, the entire round is considered to have been played and the Member’s account will be charged for the VIP green fee. If the golf course is closed due to weather or for any reason, your request will get approved. To avoid any accidental charges, please call us if the course is closed as we may not be aware of the closure. This does not pertain to any Member who has already teed off. If the course decides to close after your round is already in progress the Member’s account will be charged for the preferred rate for that course. Cancellations with VIP Golf are not accepted via voicemail, email or text message, they must be called in or cancelled online.

VIP Golf does not issue rain checks. Once you tee off the round is considered played. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes any stoppage of play after you have teed off and includes any sort of delays or closures due to weather related or other scenarios such as lightning, snow, wind, hail, sleet, standing water, slow play, bugs etc. In such cases you may check with the golf course, as some may offer a rain check, however, they are not bound by VIP Golf or any other entity to do so. This is a policy that is strictly enforced and is the Member’s responsibility to know.

In the event of a frost delay, the course will notify players of their modified tee time. Cancellations due to a frost delay will not be accepted if the delay does not exceed 90 minutes. A weather related cancellation request may be submitted only if a frost delay exceeds 90 minutes. It is suggested to factor in the possibility of frost delays when planning your golf round due to our Canadian weather patterns.

If you make a tee time with a golf course plus hold a slot with VIP Golf and fail to show up without prior notification, you may be charged by both the golf course and VIP Golf for the booking in question. In this case you have two separate bookings with two companies. You would be holding a slot with VIP Golf that could be sold to another Member and you would be occupying a tee time at the golf course which may be sold by them to other patrons. If you NO SHOW for a tee time you have made as a VIP Golf Member in the golf course’s system, the course may charge us at VIP Golf for the NO SHOW. In this case VIP Golf will charge the Member’s account in question for the amount of the NO SHOW charge.