All rates listed include 2022 Initiation Fees.
2022 Full Membership

$449.95+ GST

Offer Available to Former Full Members ONLY

$50 Initiation Fee Waived
Up to 65% off Regular Rates
Unlimited Playing Privileges
FULL Advanced Booking Privileges
Access to ALL VIP Golf Partner Courses
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Available for Purchase Now
Dues+Green Fee PKG

$1599.95+ GST

Includes $1200 Green fee Credit

Includes Membership Renewal
Nets 2022 Dues down to $399.95
Credit Does Not Expire
Limited to the first 250 Members
This Package sells out fast!
Available to 2021 Full Members
*92/250 REMIANING FOR 2022*
Dues+Plus One PKG

$899.90+ GST

Allows one(1) fully transferable Guest

Includes Membership Renewal
Guest Receives Full VIP Discount
Full Advanced Booking Access
Unlimited Playing Privileges
Valid for All VIP Courses
Guest is Transferable
Valid 7 Days a Week
Dues+Plus Three PKG

$1349.90+ GST

Allows three(3) fully transferable Guest

Includes Membership Renewal
Guests Receive Full VIP Discount
Full Advanced Booking Access
Unlimited Playing Privileges
Valid for All VIP Courses
Guests are Transferable
Valid 7 Days a Week

+Plus One Upgrade: $449.95

+Plus Three Upgrade: $899.95



Click on the registration button below and select your option for 2022.

Please enter the email you would have been using on your old VIP Golf account so we can verify your past affiliation to the club. If you can remember your old membership number as well we may be able to place you back into the same account with your same ID number.

Modestly, Yes.  In order to keep our green fee rates and savings steady, and keep our membership numbers to a minimum, a modest increase is required.  We have not increased our rate in over a decade, and with courses continually raising their rates, the increase in golf popularity and high demand for tee times, we simply have no other choice but the modestly increase our renewal rate for 2022 to keep up with our rising costs.

As a returning member  the $50 initiation fee will be waived and we will guarantee you this rate and membership until Nov. 15th, 2021

We try to have all the rates posted and confirmed before February 15th of each calendar season. One thing you can count on is the saving percentages to remain close to, if not exactly the same. Season-to-season, rates tend to fluctuate a few bucks in either direction, some go down a little while others go up. We’re always trying to land in that sweet spot of 40-60 percent off the course’s regular rates. The actual dollar value of our rates will depend on what any particular course does with theirs so, if they go up by $6 then we typically would go up by $3. We, unfortunately, can not set our rates until each course sets and posts their 2022 fee schedules.

Plus Memberships are upgrades to your existing Full Membership that give you the ability to bring along guests (non-members) any time at your VIP Golf Preferred Members rate.  When booking with VIP Golf you will reserve a green fee for yourself and have the ability to reserve up to 3 more green fees per booking, depending on the level of +Plus access you choose.   All green fees are charged to your account, you will either have to collect from your guests or simply entertain or treat them to the round.

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You may join whenever you like based on availability and market value at the time of purchase.  By joining now you will secure membership for 2022 at our best rate possible.

Yes! We do have a payment plan option for those looking for a smaller payment over the course of the winter.  5 payments, one on Nov. 15th, we skip the December payment for the holidays and then spread the rest out in Jan/Feb/Mar./Apr.

To check out our renewal payment options CLICK HERE.

2022 VIP Golf Full Membership

Former Member

(Includes $50.00 Inititation Fee)

$499.95 + GST

If you have other questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact our administration

@ 1-866-520-4653 or email us at playgolf@vipgolf.ca