Q: Can I play with a non VIP Golf Member.
A: YES! You can play with whomever you like, fellow VIP Golf Members or non-members it doesn’t matter.

Q: Do I have to book through VIP Golf every time I play.
A: YES! We’re essentially paying for your green fee. Booking  with us puts your name on the authorized list of VIP golf Members  playing the course and day in question. If you do not book with us, your  name will be absent from the authorization list and you will be  required to pay for your green fee at the course, at regular rate.

Q: Does the golf course only hold certain times aside for VIP Golf Members, meaning we only get what they give us?
A: No, the golf course does not hold times aside, you are booking the actual tee time directly  with the course just like always. What ever is available on the tee sheet is available to you.

Q. Do you have a limit on the amount of players that can play on any given day?

A. At some courses we do and at others we do not.  We guarantee to always have room for you close to your location.  We take a limited amount of members each year to guarantee we have room for every member every day.

Q: Can I join a group that already has a tee time?
A: YES! In this case you would skip the step of booking a tee  time with the golf course. Just book with us at VIP Golf, You can do  this yourself online or call our booking center.

Q: Can I play as a walk on or spur of the moment?
A: YES! Check to see if the course can get you out. If there's room, give our booking center a quick call or book online using your  phone or tablet. The authorization is sent to the course the instant you  book.

Q: Do my guests receive the preferred rate as well?
A: No, only the VIP Golf Member will receive the preferred rate,  any non-member will have to pay the regular fare at check in. The VIP  Member will just show valid photo identification at check in and will be  billed the following day by us at VIP Golf. 
*Add on or PLUS Memberships are available which allows you to bring guests or clients at the VIP Preferred Rate.

Q: How come the regular rate on the golf courses web page doesn’t match the rate I see posted on the VIP Golf website?
A: You have to take into account everything that you get with  the VIP Member Preferred Rate. If our rate includes a power cart and  driving range you will have to add that onto the regular rate for the  golf course’s green fee. A course with a regular rate of $50.00 may in  fact be $75.00. That’s $50.00 green fee + $18.00 power cart + $7.00 for a  bucket of range balls. We may offer that for $35.00 for a total savings  of $40.00 per round.

Q: Can I make a tee time first before booking with VIP Golf?
A: YES, however it is advisable to book with VIP Golf first to  ensure there is room at the course. If you book online with us first, you can see what is available and then book your tee time.

Q: Does VIP Golf offer a nine hole.
A: No, unless its a nine hole course, all our rates are based on 18 holes.

Q: Can I play 36 holes in one day using the membership?
A: YES! Play as much as you like. If you’re playing a second  round it must be called into our booking center as you may only book one  round per day through our online system.


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