Regular cancellations with VIP Golf must be made no later than 5:00 pm one day prior to the booking in question.

For example – To cancel a Thursday reservation you must cancel online or call VIP Golf by 5:00pm Wednesday afternoon.

 Please be aware that cancelling a reservation must be handled in the same way as booking one BOTH VIP Golf and the golf course must be contacted.  The golf course’s  cancellation policy on tee times may differ from VIP Golf’s cancellation  policy. Please make note of any golf course’s cancellation policy when  booking your tee time with the course. 

 *Cancellations with VIP Golf are not accepted via email or text message, they must be called in or cancelled online. 

**Regular cancellation refers to day to day bookings.  VIP Golf hold several events, specials and vacation bookings in which the cancellation period will vary depending on the deal specified. 


Cancellations due to weather will be accepted if the golf  course is accepting them. If the golf course in question is not  accepting cancellations due to weather at the time requested, the VIP green fee will be charged to the Member’s account.

All and ANY weather related cancellations must be made BEFORE YOU TEE OFF.  Once you have tee’d off your first hole, the entire round is considered  to have been played and the Member’s account will be charged for the  VIP green fee.

If the golf course is closed due to weather or for any reason you  will not be billed. To avoid any accidental charges, please call, email  or text us if the course is closed as we may not be aware of the  closure.


Late cancellation fees start at 50% of the Preferred Green Fee in question, unless they are confirmed weather related scenarios. 


 VIP Golf does not issue rain checks. Once you tee off your first hole the round is considered played. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


If you make a tee time with a golf course and fail to show up without  prior notification you may be charged for a regular rate green fee from  that golf course as well as a preferred rate green fee from VIP Golf.   In this case you are holding a “slot or green fee” with VIP Golf that could be sold to another member and you would be occupying a tee time at the golf course which may be sold by them, to other patrons. 

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