VIP Golf Payment Options

All fees are collected by VIP Golf. Your account will automatically be charged for your member’s preferred green fee the day after you play. At the golf course just show your membership card, that’s it!

Credit Card Accounts:
Our most popular method of payment – Your Visa or MasterCard will be charged at your preferred rate each time you play and you will receive receipts via email.

All receipts will be sent to you within 48 hours of play. You can also view your playing record on the home page of your personal account, you can access your account though the member log-in.

Cash Accounts:
You may open a deposit account with us, which is your own personal bank account* for golf.  Every time you play, the preferred green fee you receive as a member will be deducted from this account. You may deposit funds into your account through email money transfer or send us a cheque.

*Cash account must have a balance equal or greater then future tee time bookings.  To start a cash account call our admin office, we will only accept a $200.00 or more initial deposit into your account.

Green Fee Charges:
Charges for green fees will be processed within 48 hours after play. This ensures that you have received what you have paid for and will allow you to cancel your reservation before hand due to weather or other various circumstances. Cancellations will be subject to our cancellation policy.