How to book a tee time

  1. Go online or call VIP Golf to select your course.
  2. Now that you have booked with us,  book online or call the course to book your actual tee time.
  3. Check in for your tee time and show valid Picture ID, like a Drivers License.
  4. Grip it and Rip it!

There are no cash transactions at the golf course, just show valid picture ID when checking in and that’s it!

Tee times may not be booked outside or before we allow the booking with VIP Golf.  Bookings made outside or allowed parameters may result in a regular rate green fee being charged at time of check in.

VIP Golf will charge you at your preferred rate the following day. For more details see payment options.

Always go online or call VIP Golf to book your access before going to the golf course.  If you fail to perform this step the golf course will not have authorization from us and you will be asked to pay for a regular rate green fee when checking in.

Your VIP rate may not be combined with any other coupon or discount offer. If you are using your membership for a tournament or club sanctioned event, such as a mens or ladies night, you must check with the course first.
You are booking tee times directly with the golf courses as a public player. Normal booking rules will apply to all members, this may include leaving a credit card with the course to secure your tee time. If you refuse to follow golf courses policies on publicly booked tee times you may be denied a tee time from the course.

1-866-520-GOLF (4653)
Online booking available from 6am – 11:59pm Daily
Tee Time Booking Line:  7am – 9pm Daily
VIP Golf Administration: Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm & Friday 9am – 1pm